Ed Blumstein Mediates

Edward Blumstein

 Call Ed Blumstein for mediation.

  • Are you so angry at your spouse/partner/former employer/neighbor that you can barely speak clearly?
  • Do you want to try mediation, but you think he/she is so angry, too, that you will never succeed at mediation?
  • Are you interested in mediation but not quite sure what’s involved?

Ignore the anger. Try mediation.

Mediation is an affordable alternative to going to court. I have been a mediator, consultant, lecturer and leader in the field since 1982 — a decade longer than most. I’m active in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and national mediation associations.  I have been an attorney for more than 50 years. I am a recognized practitioner and advocate of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Call Ed Blumstein to handle your mediation.

Call Ed Blumstein to mediate your divorce or other family disagreements.

Call Ed Blumstein to mediate or arbitrate your business disputes.

“If someone in the Philadelphia area wants a family mediator, s/he typically asks 3 lawyers or mental-health professionals to recommend 3 mediators. Ed Blumstein’s name probably appears on all 3 lists. He is one of the best known, longest-practicing and most experienced family mediators in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Call him.”  A satisfied mediation client.

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