Family businesses

When your family business faces issues, try mediation.
Compared to traditional litigation, mediation:

  • Gives you direct control over important decisions.
  • Encourages cooperative planning by parents.
  • Enhances smoother parent-child relationships.
  • Teaches effective ways to resolve future conflicts.
  • Causes you less bitterness and hostility during and after mediation.
  • Can cost less in money, time and emotional turmoil.
  • Is entirely private and confidential, not subject to public exposure.

You can solve many family problems by choosing mediation.
Here’s what others have said:

  • “We’ve decided to split the firm, but we don’t know how to go about it.” Consider mediation.
  • “I think we have worked out all the details so we can split. We just need someone knowledgeable and neutral to check our decisions.” Consider mediation.
  • “My brother wants to stop working full-time, but he thinks he’s still entitled to equal pay.” Consider mediation.
  • “When Dad retired, he got a huge payout. Since he died, Mom wants a monthly check. She never worked in the business. Help!” Consider mediation.